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360 degrees Hippy Hips with Ambra Vallo from London

Photo by Alejandra Estrada

Photo by Alejandra Estrada

360 Degrees Hippy Hips and Flexi Hamstrings
( All Hips Welcome )

Many of us hold a great deal of tension, emotions, and stress in the hips.

Emotions are energy. When they are not released, they became stuck energy in the body that can morph into tightness or pain. Additionally by spend the majority of our days standing, sitting and driving, our hips lose mobility and become tight and tense.

Tight hamstrings and hips can contribute to problems with the low back and knees.

They can also be a source of huge frustration for yoga practitioners as elements of their practice may feel restricted, particularly forward bends, floating into inversions, moving into lotus and putting the legs behind the head.

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to increase their flexibility through the hips and hamstrings. We will begin to delve into the hip hip-flexors, hips and hamstrings through a hip-opening Forrest inspired practice.

We will explore postures that aid in increasing the mobility of the pelvis, loosening the
hamstrings and opening the hips.
This workshop will include a deeper exploration into "peak" poses such as Head to Ankle, Hanumanasa (Splits), Eka Pada and Dwi Pada Sirsasana (One or Two leg behind the head).

We will conclude with a guided deep relaxation to get rid of any tension left in the body and make you feel rested and re-energised.

The workshop will be in English, with the option of translating into Spanish if necessary

Ambra Vallo

Ambra is a former Principal ballerina with the Birmingham Royal Ballet. 

Throughout her career she enjoyed the chance to perform on stages all around the world. 

She turned to yoga on a path to recovery from injuries that naturally result from the strenuous training regime, and as well as becoming a hobby she also credits it with helping to enhance and prolong her career. Slowly over the years she fell in love with the more subtle, spiritual parts of the practice.

Retiring from dance allowed her the time to focus on her passion and to undertake further training in Ashtanga Vinyasa (500hrs), Dharma Yoga (800hrs), Rocket Yoga (500hrs), Forrest Yoga (200hrs and Advance TT), Tripsichore (200hrs), and Gokul Vinyasa Yoga (300hrs).

Ambra’s teaching is fun and spontaneous following the lineage of Larry Shultz, Ana Forrest, and Sri Dharma Mittra.

Since she retired from professional ballet she has been teaching regularly in teacher training courses, has worked with performers and athletes helping to rethink their traditional training regimes and introduce yoga to drive better performance and increase their enjoyment of sport and performance.

Her aim is to guide others so as they may also experience the many amazing benefits of yoga to the body, mind and soul.

Price & Reservations

PRICE: 31€ ( Both workshops on Saturday 52€ )
Space is limited ( 22 persons ) - Book in advance!!!

Pack 2 workshops - Ambra Vallo