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Hatha Raja Moon Practice With Mai Garbizu

Pic by dear #Anne-Cecile Caillaud for @SoHamYogaStudio & #OliviaTüscher

Pic by dear #Anne-Cecile Caillaud for @SoHamYogaStudio & #OliviaTüscher

Hatha Raja Moon Practice 1

5 NOVEMBER - 12:00 PM

The FULL moon of November is an invitation to release old mental patterns for a deeper inner connection with yourself.

Come to this yoga session to explore forward bendings and twists in a deep, fun & safe way.

All levels of experience welcome.

Hatha Raja Moon Practice 2

19 NOVEMBER - 12:00 PM

The NEW moon of November is a welcoming invitation to attract new energy into your practice.

Join this yoga session to explore back bendings and twists guided by Mai and reach your own needs: soft or deep & always safe.

Suitable fun for all levels of experience.

Each one is a 3h full practice: therapeutic breathing exercises, sound & vibration, visualization & concentration, dynamic & steady yoga postures, meditation & healing relaxation

Prices & Reservations

One class: 12€
Both classes: 16€
Space is limited - Book in advance!!!

Maite Garbizu
660 81 06 72