I was introduced to Yoga over 10 years ago as I was studying to become a professional dancer.

Back then my approach was very physical (as it is for many people) and it took me quite some time to realize there is a whole world underneath the surface. I’ve lived and studied in America, England and most recently Australia, where I dedicated myself full-time to Yoga and started to take my studies to another level.

My curiosity and strive to learn more led me to Indonesia where I decided to take afurther step forward and completed an intensive Yoga teacher training course (Santosha, Bali – founded by Sunny Richards – YTT 200HOURS certified by Alliance).

The method I’ve studied concentrates on a creative fusion of Classical Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Krama Yoga and Iyengar poses with central focus on the ancient yoga teachings drawing from the Sri T Krishnamarcharya lineage.

What I have realized is that Yoga can make a difference in people’s lives and now more than ever we need to make a change, connect to our true self and take care of our body and mind. For all these reasons I’ve started to teach.




# Vinyasa Flow #


We should accept ourselves for exactly who we are and have compassion for the things we want to change.
Peter Clifford.


My classes are for everybody as I strongly believe that there should be no exclusions in Yoga.

The practice that I refer to is not so much another “style” of Yoga but a presentation of the teachings I received throughout the years blended together by a vinyasa flow that is accessible to all levels and abilities.I put a particular emphasison the foundation of each posture with the aim of slowly building the strength and confidence to approach more difficult asanas, making my classes ideal for beginners as well as more experienced students who are looking for a bit more depth. Influenced by my dance background, classes have a flow-dynamic quality to it, wherestrengthening and lengthening work together as a force and transitions between postures are just as important as the actual figures.

I always encourage my studentsto approach the practice with ease and respect and to take the time in class for the self with the aim of developing a real connection between mind and body.

We all have different bodies that can work in different ways and we should never strive to be “the same”, rather, we should learn how to work with what we’ve got and morethan anything accept ourselves for exactly who we are.

*Classes are are taught in English ( no need to be a native or necessarily advanced speaker, an intermediate level of understanding is enough ).