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Yang/Solar yoga workshop with Laerke

The event

In November we did the Yin/Lunar workshop, now it's time for the Yang/Solar one.

The theory will be on yoga as an art of life and state of mind, on and off the mat.

In connection with the classical yogic philosophy, the 8 steps of Patanjali.

The practise will focus on stability and balance. The yang/masculine/solar aspect of the yoga practise.

How to recharge, hold on and gain strength.

We will work with breath, bandhas, stabilising/balancing postures and meditation.

About Laerke:

Originally from Denmark. Practise and teach yoga since 2004 in India, France, Denmark and Spain.

Certified advanced yoga teacher (+1000 hrs), certified Naturopath and health practitioner (+2000 hrs)

Price: 25 € -or bring a friend and get 5 € off both !!

Info and inscription:

          Tlfno: 603 13 12 22

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Yang-Solar yoga workshop with Laerke BCN