sobre Robin


Robin is a Physical Therapist, FRC™ Mobility Specialist, cert. Viryayoga Teacher (E-RYT) and Educator.

He has his roots in Finland, but spent the past 5 years in Stockholm, Sweden. Robins new home is now Barcelona.

Robin is specialized in Functional Mobility Training, Rehabilitation for musculo-sceletal problems, Injury Prevention and Yoga.

Robin is one of the co-owners and main teachers at the Nordic Yoga Institute (Stockholm),  where he teaches anatomy, biomechanics and asana.

Besides Physical Therapy, Mobility and Private Yoga sessions, Robin is offering regular retreatsand yoga experiences in Barcelona and in Menorca.




# Virya Flow #

Explore the original grace of the body

Robin will guide you through systematical, versatile and organic sequences, designed based on a modern anatomical perspective. Every class has a specific physical theme which we explore both in stillness and in movement, helping you to embody the qualities of the inner landscape of the body.

By integrating science based techniques, we explore qualities in movement that promote joint health, functional mobility, fascial health and body intelligence.

We initiate every class with meditation, aligning body and mind through techniques that help you to shift you attention from the HEAD, into the HEART and the GUT. Robin teaches according to the Virya Yoga Method.

The Virya Yoga Method: ”Virya”, in Sanskrit, means ”enthusiasm”, ”energy”, or ”power”, and the intension with  the Virya Yoga Method is to empower and energize you.

Enthusiasm comes with a delightful playfulness that will hopefully inspire you to explore the landscapes of your body and mind. The method includes the following components.

Variation: 10 modules with different themes, integrating the body as a unit.
Biomechanics: Using biomechanics principles, we discover asanas and transitions through different physical focuses.

Philosophy: Empowering themes to give perspective to and nourish our modern minds.

Empowerment: Joy and enjoyment as an important part of manifesting personal growth.

Classes will me held in English. All levels welcome.


# Drop-In Meditation #

During a 30 min guided meditation, we explore and connect to the different dimensions of the body and mind that bring you to a closer experience of inner stillness.

Together we discover different meditation techniques and pranayamas (breathing excersises) including their purpose, giving you the the possibility to experience a meditation form that suits you.

Some of the techniques we will discover are Metta Meditation, Self Compassion exercises, Somatic Meditation and Sound Meditation.

Just bring yourself, thats all you need.

No previous experience needed.