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Krysta owns and operates a successful Pilates studio in the United States, which specializes in progressive programming for post rehabilitation and pain management.

She is excited and honored to be able to share her method in Barcelona.

This method utilizes tactics to strengthen, mobilize and stabilize the human frame while addressing the underlying fascial tensegrity system in the body.

Krysta’s professional Pilates certifications include 600+ hours of Pilates Apparatus and Mat training at New York’s prestigious Kane School of Core Integration.

Krysta attended The FAMI Workshop (Functional Anatomy of Movement and Injury) at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine and continues to expand her Pilates repertoire through continuing education. She is also certified through the Pilates Method Alliance and the Pilates Institute of America.

Krysta holds a higher education degree in Physical Education and an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.

In addition to Pilates, Krysta is a certified personal trainer, cardiovascular coach, swim instructor and children’s/adolescent yoga instructor.

Krysta has been practicing and studying Pilates for over thirteen years while teaching Pilates for ten years in New York City.

She competed at the United States National level athletically, however, after years of physical stress at exceptional high levels of competition, Krysta endured various injuries and major surgeries.

Prior to teaching Pilates, Krysta was a physical education and health teacher for six years but after being diagnosed with two rare disorders, Chiari Malformation and Ehler- Danlos Syndrome (EDS), she became extremely passionate and dedicated to the balance, integrity and resurgence Pilates can bring to the body, changing her career path.





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Pilates helped to rebuild Krysta’s strength, flexibility, muscle stamina, alignment, and overall functionality. She credits Pilates with giving her the ability to reconnect to her “whole” self once again and believes everyone she have that opportunity. She has worked with clients as young as 9 and into their 90s, including the healthy, injured, pre/post natal, athletes, and celebrities. Krysta outfits to all client needs whether they are single or multi fold; from post-rehabilitation, pain management, increased muscle strength, weight loss, heightened fitness performance and more.