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Namaste Yogis.

My mane is Jamie and I am a 33 year old yoga teacher from South Africa, I have traveled to Barcelona to share the wonderful, transformative magic of yoga ( A practice that has brought so much joy and benefit to my life ).

I am a a certified 200 hour vinyasa teacher and have benefited from many years of mentoring and teaching at a Jivamukti studio in South Africa. I have chosen to dedicate myself and the knowledge I have been given to sharing, teaching and learning and look forward to creating safe spaces to do so with you.




The perfect way to start your day!

75 minutes of vinyasa to really align you for the day ahead.

Engaging and unique flow sequences with an emphasis on freedom of movement and flow.

These classes are available to all levels and are dynamic and challenging, combining meditation (the practice of concentration to move beyond the busy mind) , music (The use of sound and music to take you deeper) , asana (Movement designed to liberate the body), Pranayama (learning to master the breath and vital energy in your body) and dharma (understanding where we fit into this universe through the investigation of who we are).

Join me for a fun flow to kick start your day.