SOBRE Jacqueline


Jacqueline is a passionate, heart-centered yoga instructor.

Her discovery of yoga began an emotional cleansing and opening.

A way of connecting that she had never known before.

After a year of daily practice, she  knew she had an obligation to share her gift.

She received her 200 hour certificate, as well as advanced trainings from Jimmy Barkan at The Barkan Method in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

She is a devoted healer, as well as student and practitioner.

Her deep love for the yoga practice, as well as others, is felt though her classes.

She creates a safe space for every student to have their own individual experience through yoga.




This class is designed to harmonize the mind-body-heart.

Jacqueline intelligently sequences her classes to be challenging, dynamic and balanced.

She weaves asana, breath, music, hands on adjustments and essential oils to best facilitate a healing experience.

What makes Jacqueline’s classes so special is her presence, mindfulness, and healing touch.

Her classes are physically engaging, but all of the asanas have modifications that will be offered, so truly - anyone can join regardless of physical limitations or yoga experience.