Gilly is a 200hr Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher from the United Kingdom, she is also a qualified nurse.  It was through nursing that she found yoga helped her to replenish her energy, compassion and connection with her patients.

Practicing yoga transformed Gilly’s life in so many unforeseen ways, she teaches yoga full-time and is passionate about sharing what she has learned to empower others.





# Hatha Flow #

Gilly’s class style is explorative and playful, this allows you to empower yourself by building your own awareness and embarking on your journey of self-exploration.

Gilly´s teaching style and personality is both supportive and gently encouraging.

Beginner classes focus on breaking down the poses and learning about anatomy, alignment and what suits your body.

You will learn different types of yogic breathing and how to use the poses and the breath together.

Here you will find a safe space to have fun and explore the foundations of yoga.

Flow classes embody curiosity and complexity.

By building pose upon pose you will find yourself in a juicy flow sequence which will create strength and flexibility in your body and mind.

You will conclude the class with a deeper understanding of both the practice and your body whilst feeling energised, relaxed and nourished.