About shona


Shona is originally from London and although she's half English, and half French she considers herself more of a world citizen having lived the last 9 years in Spain, Morocco, Argentina and the US .

Having spent seven years doing gymnastics and circus skills as a child and teenager, in her 20s she struggled to find another form of 'exercise' she enjoyed... until she discovered yoga.

Initially it was just a physical attraction and they had an on-off relationship for several years. Curiously, she found that whenever she stopped practising yoga, it always had a way of finding her again!

The last time yoga found her she was in Argentina and she finally started to appreciate the other elements of yoga, especially meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises).

Shona completed her 200-hour teacher training in Shambhava Yoga, at Shoshoni Ashram in Colorado, USA, in 2015. She then taught for a couple of years in the US, teaching Hatha yoga, vinyasa, rope wall yoga, and kids yoga, before returning to Barcelona.




# Vinyasa Yoga #

This is a Vinyasa yoga class, which means we will focus on synchronizing the breath with a flow of poses. We will also concentrate on the correct alignment of individual postures; learning how to be comfortable with our own bodies; finding a connection with your breath; and helping you to focus on the present moment. All levels are welcome.

By practising yoga regularly, you will become physically and mentally stronger, helping to smooth out any imbalances, improve body awareness and acceptance... and have fun at the same time!