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About Fernanda


I studied and dedicated myself to Dance and Theater since I was 10 years old, that is 20 years ago, I was always in connection with different Yoga practices almost without knowing it.

But it was 10 years ago where I found a complete practice with which I identified immediately and I needed to commit myself even more.

At the same time I also studied Psychology and Art Direction.

My first contact with yoga was with my dance teacher in 2009, we did 1 hour of Yoga and then 1.30hs We danced; The level of depth and connection that I felt fascinated me, since from there I achieved physical and energetic results never before achieved with other techniques.

I continued to train in Theater / Dance, and began to become increasingly interested in the spiritual world, reading various texts from Yoga, metaphysics to Buddhism. Always including Yoga practices in my daily life and in my classes.

It was in 2015 when, after a long search for Yoga spaces, I was reunited with the Yoga System that had fascinated me. And it was there that I finally decided to be an Ayur Yoga Instructor.

Continuing with the Faculty, and I will continue since this path is Infinite.




Hi Everyone! This is a group for all those interested in practicing Yoga consciously; either to improve your current practice or to begin to know and enjoy this path of self-knowledge through the practice of Yoga.

It is not necessary to have previous experience, it is a good space to start the practice. What is important, is to know the state of your body, especially if there are discomforts, or injuries, always communicate them, to first of all take care of our body.

I recommend not eating during the hour before the class, stay well hydrated before and after, bring comfortable clothes, and give yourself this practice.

I hope to share with all of you this practice that I love so much and that accompanies me every day, for you to enjoy it!

"The key to finding a fair balance in modern life is simplicity"
Sogyal Rinpoche

Ayur Yoga Vital focuses on combining the traditional and genuine principles of yoga, adapting them to the needs of our society, aiming mainly at health in order to achieve personal fulfillment.

We perceive YOGA as the idea of "dynamic union", as a need to guide in the same direction different forces that coexist in each person, which can be added and strengthened by helping us achieve our goals.

We will seek to harmoniously integrate the strength of the physical body, the strength of the mind, and the strength of the spirit; in each of our practices.

I share words about Yoga in which I believe, from my lineage and my teachers; and I appreciate being able to continue sharing them: I believe in Yoga as a science of life, freedom, expression and consciousness.

This is a pure process, to establish an encounter, a relationship with our body, mind and spirit, leading them to integrate them without losing their essence.

We will work harmoniously, each one in time, always focusing on the restoration of health, harmony and self-discovery.