Danni is an Irish Actress, but like a true gypsy, still she left Ireland 12 years ago to study Acting and to fulfill her dream, to run away with the circus. Which she is still working on;)

She traveled Asia and South America withtouring Theatre Companies and it was then she started to do yoga.

It kept her sane through all her travels, and soon became part of her everyday life.

Taking classes in Hong Kong, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia she decided to travel to India in 2014 to do her 200 hour TTC in Ashtanga in Mysore.

In 2017 , India called her back to do her 300 hour TTC in Vinyasa yoga in Goa.

She is passionate about yoga and would love to share with you, what has been shared with her.




Start your day with an early morning practice. Awaken your body, mind and soul. 

Through Asana and Pranayama, students will build strength, energy and flexibility.

Classes will include sun salutations, balance postures, twists, hip and shoulder openers, Inversions and laughing.

Vinyasa focuses on the breath while moving through a series of postures.

Great for calming the mind ;)

Make the most of your morning.

Say hello to Mr.Sun, set your day and fun will be had.

ALL levels welcome :)